Is It Time for an Oil Change?

Count on us for oil change services

If your car is louder than usual or it makes a ticking noise when you start it, you'll likely need an oil change. We recommend getting this service around every 5,000 miles you drive. Kleinstadt Motors offers efficient oil change services. This will help ensure that your engine is always performing correctly.

If oil is left unchanged for too long, it can result in serious mechanical issues. Bring your vehicle in today for oil change services.

Why you need routine oil changes

Why you need routine oil changes

Your car's oil affects the operation of your engine. If you skip an oil change, you'll likely notice serious problems, such as:

  • Engine failure or poor performance
  • Loud noises from your car
  • Thick, sludge-like oil

A damaged engine is much more expensive to handle than a simple oil change. To speak with someone from our shop, call us now at 806-418-6045.